ANNUAL B-A-HEF STUDY MEETING: 26th & 27th May 2014


The Hatter Institute for Cardiovascular Research in Africa hosted the ANNUAL B-A-HEF STUDY MEETING on the 26th & 27th May 2014. Invited Study Investigators and Sponsors from across Africa and the USA attended.

BEHAF meeting

The Hatter Institute hosted the annual B-A-HEF Meeting on the 26TH & 27th MAY 2014. The two days were spent giving feedback on the study statistics, goals of the study including the challenges researchers face doing research in Africa. Recruitment has been a particular challenge due to the strict eligibility criteria, thus a lot of time was invested into brain storming different methods to approach this problem.

The way forward was discussed with the investigators and help was offered in various ways to help the investigators that came from six other countries in Africa.

During the above two days further capacity building was discussed with the African network partners with regards to an imminent German grant from the ‘Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung’ that is on offer to interested investigators.


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